• 800g
  • 720g refill

Strong detergency

Made from ingredients gentle on the skin and the environment but has a strong cleaning effect similar to synthetic detergents.

100% botanical ingredients gentle on the skin

Contains a natural detergent made from 100% botanical ingredients including natural cleaning agent "sophorolipid" made from the yeast fermentation and palm-derived natural cleaning agents.

Zero skin irritant ingredients, Zero detergent residue
~No added synthetic surfactants, fluorescent brighteners, bleach, colors, or synthetic fragrances~

Free of skin irritant agents such as petroleum-based surfactants. Safe for piece-dye, colored and patterned clothes because fluorescent brighteners and bleach are not used. Liquid detergent quickly dissolves and rinses away without leaving residue. Gentle enough to wash the clothes of all members of the family children and infants with sensitive skin to adults.

Protects clothes from damage

Prevents clothes from damage caused by daily laundry such as discoloration, shrinking, and deformation.

Skin sensitivity tested.

(It does not eliminate the possibility of skin irritation for all users.)

Green Palm certified

Contains RSPO certified palm oil grown with consideration for the environment and human rights.

Environmental friendly

Quickly biodegrades in the drain, returning to the earth.


Surfactants (9.2%, Sodium Alkyl Ether Sulfate, Alkylpolyglucoside, Sophorolipid), Preservative, Stabilizer (Citric Acid), Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Fragrance (Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil), pH adjuster