In 2004 a story about a young elephant that had been living with a painful rope around its trunk brought Saraya to Borneo.

With this story we realized, that simply thinking natural based products are environmentally friendly is false. Sustainable production that considers the environment and people is necessary for a truly "eco" product. Since 2004 we have been working to develop home products made from sustainable palm oil and thereby supporting the Borneo Conservation Trust to develop a Green Corridor along the rivers of Borneo for a sustainable future.

Happy Elephant is a new generation of natural laundry detergents and household products.

Happy Elephant is made from sophorolipids, a special detergent made from natural yeast and sustainable palm oil. This 100% non-petroleum detergent is gentle on the skin and biodegradable.

Our hope is that each household can contribute to the safety, happiness and future of the wildlife in the rainforest.

With biodegradability, cleaning performance and clean water in mind, Happy Elephant is one step closer to a sustainable society with the coexistence of people and the wild.

Introducing Happy Elephant Household Detergents

The Happy Elephant Mark represents the wide variety of wildlife living in Borneo. We believe companies must consider the wildlife and habitats where their raw materials come from to develop new and innovative products for sustainable households.

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